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Waukesha County’s #1 Inground Swimming Pool Builders

Waukesha inground swimming pool design and installation

Waukesha Inground Ground Swimming Pool
Design & Installation

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Best Wisconsin inground swimming pool design & installation

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We Design & Install the Pool of Your Dreams

Whether you want an outdoor swimming pool for spring and summer entertainment or an indoor swimming pool for year-round aquatic fun, Poolside is your best choice for quality inground pool installations. Inground swimming pools are the ultimate accessory for your home. Our staff brings years of experience and a passion for customer service to designing and installing an inground pool that fits your goals and budget.

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Why Choose Poolside for Inground Pools?

Poolside is the top pick for affordability, quality, and a seamless experience for adding an inground pool to your property. Our team ensures your custom pool dreams come true, from property survey to construction. And we offer affordable prices without compromising on excellence. Trust Poolside for an exceptional, budget-friendly inground pool solution in Waukesha County and across Southeastern Wisconsin.


Bringing Your Custom Inground Pool Designs to Life 

To begin the inground pool addition process, a Poolside representative will survey your property and sit down with you to discuss the different design options and features available. A virtually unlimited range of custom designs is possible, with past examples viewable in our inground pool gallery. Once you decide what you want in a future pool, we will draw up a plan and a contract to get your dreams of an inground pool put into motion.

Watching the construction of a pool is always exciting. You’ll see your new pool begin to take shape and grow closer to completion each day. After the liner is set and the water is delivered, we will test your pool water and advise you on the pool chemicals you'll need to make your pool safe and ready for swimming. Our knowledgeable pool technicians will educate you on proper pool maintenance practices and inform you of all the professional Wisconsin swimming pool services we provide. After that? It's cannonball time! 


Sizing Chart for Inground Pools

Typically requests for inground pools are rectangular, but our inground pools are custom made. The possibilites are endless for what your future pool could look like. Some common sizes and shapes are listed below:

 Rectangle Sizes   Round Sizes   Freeform Sizes 
 16-foot x 32-foot  18-foot  14-foot x 22-foot 
 18-foot x 36-foot  21-foot  16-foot x 28-foot
 20-foot x 40-foot  24-foot  18-foot x 32-foot


Waukesha County’s Premier Inground Swimming Pool Installers

If you want to stay cool this summer, but don't want to break the bank, Poolside is your place. As one of the cheapest inground swimming pool companies in Wisconsin, we offer affordable prices on all of our backyard swimming pool services. Don't be mistaken, cheaper pools doesn't mean lower quality services with Poolside. We keep our costs low by having an efficient, expert inground pool installation team that always gets the job done right. Visit our swimming pool services page for more pricing information. 


Inground Swimming Pool Repair & Maintenance Service

At Poolside, we not only specialize in building exceptional inground pools but also provide top-notch repair and maintenance services to keep your investment in pristine condition. Our technicians are equipped to handle a range of common pool repairs. We understand the importance of a well-maintained pool, and are dedicated to ensuring your swimming oasis remains in optimal shape.

Let Poolside take care of your inground pool, ensuring it stays in peak condition for years to come.

Common Pool Repairs We Perform


Pool Opening & Closing Services

Let Us Save You The Time And Hassle!

Take advantage of our convenient pool opening and closing services, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free pool experience. Our pool professionals can open your pool for you at the start of the season and close it in the fall. It really saves you a lot of hassle, and you can rest easy knowing our pool experts are on the job getting everything sorted out for you.

2024 Inground Pool Openings:

  • Package 1 – Complete Inground Pool Opening for $450.00 Includes: Cover is brushed, removed and folded.  Winter plugs are removed and necessary fittings are installed.  Equipment is primed and left running.  Handrails and ladders are installed.  Heater (if any) is test fired and shut back off.  Chemicals are added.
  • Package 2 – Early Bird Discount for $400.00 Includes: Same as PACKAGE 1, but must occur in either Week 1 OR Week 2 above.  (Chemicals are FREE)
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Inground Swimming Pool Building FAQs

How long does it take to build an inground pool from start to finish?

Some inground pool companies take 6-8 weeks for installation. Poolside inground pool installations typically take about three weeks, but don't let our efficiency fool you, we refuse to provide anything but the highest level of craftsmanship and quality to our customers. All steps of the process, from excavation to pouring the concrete to adding finish design elements are completed by experienced pool construction technicians.

How big should my swimming pool be?

If you want an Olympic-sized swimming pool, you’ll need an Olympic-sized yard. Unfortunately, space can limit your options when shopping for an inground pool. Adding a patio area further limits the space. The team at Poolside will help you determine the appropriate size pool and patio for your yard.

Where do I want my swimming pool?

Consider the location of your pool on a large property, as placing it farther away may require extended infrastructure for drainage, cables, and pipes. Keeping the pool closer to your house reduces maintenance effort. If unsure, Poolside's experts can assess your yard and home layout to recommend the ideal spot, considering natural features for a visually appealing pool deck or patio addition.

Should my pool have a shallow and deep end?

Pools with a shallow and deep end will require careful landscaping to achieve the slope. Many of our customers opt for a pool with an even bottom. A deep end is only recommended if your pool will be used by experienced swimmers or for use with a slide or diving board.

What is my pool budget?

Establish a budget before starting your pool project. Families often overlook annual maintenance, closing costs, and additional expenses for pumps and heaters. Poolside can help you factor in these costs for a comprehensive budget. For limited long-term use, consider the cost-effective option of an above-ground pool.


Serving Southeastern Wisconsin

Whether you need to cool down on those hot summer days, or heat up on those frigid winter nights, Poolside pools & spa services have got you covered. We provide expert pool maintenance & repair for the residents of Waukesha County and DelafieldMuskegoMilwaukeeMukwonago New Berlin, North Prairie, Hartland, Wales, Waukesha and beyond.

Contact the Wisconsin swimming pool experts at Poolside for more information and cost estimates on building an inground pool.
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