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Mukwonago Swimming Pool & Hot Tubs: Installation - Service - Supplies

Mukwonago swimming pool and hot tub sales, service, supplies and accessories

Professional Pool Services for Your Mukwonago Home

What’s the best way to deal with the crazy extremes of freezing winter and hot, humid summers in Mukwonago? Hot tubs and swimming pools from Poolside, of course. For over 30 years, we’ve been setting the standard not only for pool and spa installations but also for customer service that goes above and beyond. It’s no accident so many Mukwonago residents choose Poolside to build their backyard retreats.

Picking out a hot tub to get you through the bleak days of winter is easy with our lineup of Bullfrog Spas. These spas feature an interchangeable JetPak Therapy System which enables you to easily switch out the jet massage to your personal preferences. It’s like having a whole new hot tub experience with just a simple component change. Visit our services page for more pricing information

Build an Inground Pool on Your Mukwonago Property

Mukwaonago Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Experts

The ultimate accessory to your Mukwonago home is undoubtedly an inground pool. Swimming pools are one of the best forms of spring and summer entertainment for the whole family, and the professionals at Poolside can design, construct, and install your brand new inground pool at the most affordable price.


With the help of the professional builders at Poolside, you will see your brand new inground pool take shape. From initial design to final construction, you will be involved with every step of the pool-building process so your new pool will be exactly how you want it.

Maintenance and Installation Services by Waukesha County's Best Pool Company

Poolside offers both hot tub delivery and hot tub moving services to ensure your pride and joy arrives safely. Once in place, we highly recommend you take advantage of our free water testing. Having your water chemically balanced is important to ensure safe water.

pool liner replacement and other pool maintenance services in Mukwonago

Poolside also offers full swimming pool services

Along with full hot tub services to elevate your spa time:

hot tub winterization and cover installation along with more hot tub/spa services in Mukwonago

With Poolside, you will find purchasing and owning a pool or spa is easier than you may have imagined. On top of that, our friendly style of doing business and attention to making sure you are completely satisfied with our products and services will win you over, as it has so many homeowners in Mukwonago.

Pool Supplies and Hot Tub Products for All Swimming Pool and Spa Needs

Qaulity Swimming Pool and Spa Supplies near Mukwonago

Our pool and spa experts sell products allowing you to make your pool or hot tub area something special. We sell a wide variety of pool supplies, accessories and products for pool owners will all sorts of different requirements.

Weather in Mukwonago can be all over the place. One moment it’s dead calm and the sun is shining. The next, clouds blow through and the temperature drops significantly. We have pool heaters so you can make the most of even the worst days. We also keep state-of-the-art massage chairs in stock.

Poolside is your one-stop shop for all things pool and spa. Stop in our showroom in North Prairie and see everything we have to offer.

Contact our North Prairie  spa experts for more information on the swimming pool and hot tub services Poolside offers.

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