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Massage Chairs Give the Full Spa Experience

Lake Country Swimming Pool Company Features the Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

The Infinity IT-8500 features state-of-the-art technologies that set it apart from other massage chairs. Equipped with music, lumbar heat, body scan sensors, foot rollers, spinal correction & decompression, it offers the ultimate customizable and targeted massage. Experience one for yourself and feel the difference.

Add a Therapeutic Experience to Your Spa With Infinity Massage Chairs

The IT-8500 Infinity massage chair has a staggering array of features to target tightness on any part of your body. The IT-8500 heats your lumbar region to prepare for the massage and increase your circulation, all the while conforming to your body’s natural shape to relieve pain and numbness. Loosen your shoulders with an Accu-Roll sensor driven massage with shoulder airbags kneading and rolling out tightness. Airbags supporting the lower waist, head, arms and wrist simulate a professional massage. It does all this with very little noise and without using a lot of electricity. The luxurious full-body design of the IT-8500 and the deep massage it enables make it the ultimate massage chair.

Precision, accuracy, efficiency, comfort — the top-of-the-line IT 8500 Infinity massage chair does it all. Supplement your indoor spa with the height of luxury therapy.

Infinity IT8500 Massage Chair
Waukesha Pool Company now offers Infinity massage chairs
Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

The Infinity IT-8500 Massage Techniques Include:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Synchronic (Plug your music in and have the rollers massage you to the beat of your music)
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Combination

Infinity Massage Chair Features Include:

  • Two Zero Gravity Positions
  • Tru-Grip V Stretch
  • Spinal Correction
  • Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage
  • Intersound Technology
  • Headphone Port
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Four-Wheel Massage Mechanism
  • Waist Twist
  • Rolling Massagers on Soles of Feet
  • Manual Adjusting Massage Strengths

Airbag Pressure Massage Technology for:

  • Arms
  • Pillow
  • Seat
  • Leg / Feet
  • Shoulders

Features: MP3 USB Port / Built-In Speakers, and Touch Key Controller

Experience the Benefits of Zero-Gravity

  • The IT-8500 offers two zero-gravity positions that recline you so your knees are are positioned slightly higher than your heart. This puts most of your body weight against the rollers for a deeper, more penetrating massage.
  • The steady rhythmic massage soothes fatigued muscles, releases tension and steadies a normal heart rate by assisting in the transmission of oxygen-rich blood throughout your entire body.
  • The zero-gravity experience promotes overall well-being by reducing your heart rate, soothing stress and calming both the body and mind for a one of a kind relaxation experience.

Precision & Accuracy of the IT-8500

  • The benefits of the IT-8500 massage chair are threefold. The massage chair automatically detects the position of your body on the chair, giving it the unique ability to target specific areas of your body, such as the shoulders or calves, without having to manually interfere with the machine. It has a highly tuned optical sensor that enables it to pinpoint areas of your body to apply precise and comfortable massage. The IT-8500 sensors target individual accupoints along the spine, neck and shoulders to deliver the most accurate, soothing and precise massage possible.

Spinal Correction

  • An advanced upper body airbag system allows for firm shoulder retraction in conjunction with a lower extremity grip and stretch feature. These operations are performed simultaneously as the main back roller massagers moves up and down the spine and the shiatsu swivel seat swings the hips from side to side. This advanced multi-functional system provides for an industry leading state-of-the-art spinal correction.

Tru-Grip V Stretch

  • The advanced programming of the IT-8500 optimizes a full body grip for a spinal stretch unsurpassed in the industry.

Deep Pressure Massage Along the Spine

  • All along your spinal column are muscles that retain tension, which causes stiffness and fatigue. The IT-8500 offers pressurized massage strokes from the cervical spine all the way through the lumbar region in long, continuous strokes. Simply sink deep into your massage chair, and allow the high-tech rollers to knead out tension, improve overall blood circulation and even promote healthier digestion. Give yourself just 20 minutes a day in the IT-8500, and you will experience a higher level of total well-being.

Conforming to Your Body’s Natural Shape

  • Your body has a natural "S" shaped curve created by your spine. As such, your spine often bears the brunt of stress, tension and the basic support of your body. However, this tension often builds, leading to various ailments including pain, numbness and, in some cases, can even affect your heart rate. The IT-8500 features a unique slide rail for its massage rollers conforming to the natural curve of your spine so it can soothe stress, alleviate pain and tension and provide a deep sense of long-lasting comfort and relaxation.

Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage

  • Sensor driven targeted massage encompasses the entire shoulder region for the most comprehensive upper body massage available.

Head Rest Pillow Airbag

  • The unique pillow cushion features two airbags providing a variety of massage options for your head and neck. Whether your neck is tense, cramped or in pain, the airbags relieve tension and restore your head and neck to a state of ease and comfort. Through gentle swinging motions, trailing massages and pressure points, the airbags continuously inflate and deflate to provide superior comfort and relaxation.

Lower Waist Airbag

  • The deep, kneading motion of the 3-layer massage airbags mimics the motion of human hands to promote circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed, centered and alive.

Lumbar & Buttock Airbag

  • The twisting motion of two powerful airbags acts like the hands of a licensed masseuse to deliver an invigorating massage rolling out tension and reviving the buttocks and thighs.

Sole & Foot Massage

  • Since you normally hold tension, stress and fatigue in your feet, the IT-8500's powerful massagers don't neglect them. In each foot unit of the massage chair are 8 airbags and 6 rolling sole massagers. Each airbag is designed to squeeze, knead, roll and swing massage the sole, arch, heel and ankle.

Shoulder Airbags

  • Airbags below both shoulders offer powerfully refreshing, kneading, rolling and twisting massage motions. Much like a professional massage, they provide the highest level of comfort and relaxation to areas with the most tension.

Arm & Wrist Airbags

  • Lightweight but powerful, the airbags along the wrists offer a soothing wave-like motion to smooth away tension, promote circulation and leave your arms feeling refreshed.

Leg & Foot Airbag Massage

  • Each leg of the massage chair features 12 individual airbags to provide a deep tissue massage boosting blood circulation and giving your feet a healthier, revitalized feel.
  • Tension, stress and fatigue compounds in your feet, so the kneading, rolling and swinging massage motion deeply refreshes your soles, arches, heels and ankles.

Your Remote Control for Comfort and Relaxation Warm & Relax Your Muscle Stress

  • Since the majority of your stress is trapped in the muscles of your back, the powerful heating function of the IT 8500 is designed to soothe and prepare your muscles for the massage. The heating modules gently warm up to gradually reduce pain and tightness, and promote healthy circulation.

Low Impact & Environmentally Sound

  • The IT-8500 is designed to deliver not only powerful results, but also the lowest environmental impact possible. Your massage chair uses a very low amount of energy (about 220W while in operation) and a steady and constant voltage. Comfort should never come with strings attached, so the chair produces very little noise while providing the comfort of a professional massage in your own home.

Soothing Sound

  • The IT-8500 allows you to customize your massage by surrounding yourself with sound. Upload your favorite music using a USB flash drive, then sit back, relax and enjoy. This combination of soothing massage therapy and audio ambiance provides a truly one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience. Plug in your favorite headphones and enjoy "your world of relaxation."

Our Chair Stands the Test of Time

  • When you invest in the massage chair of your dreams, you want it to last. The IT-8500 provides unparalleled wear resistance and protection against corrosion – it's even been tested it in a potent dose of sodium hydroxide for 72 hours. The material of your chair is easy to clean, protected against extreme temperatures, and features a very breathable material for simple care and maintenance. For peace-of-mind, Infinity backs the IT-8500 with a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Massage Chairs for Waukesha County Residents

The fun and relaxation just gets started with the best massage chair from Infinity, the IT-8500. Check out Poolside's selection of hot tubs & spas. Wherever you find Poolside, you find comfort and fun. 

Poolside's North Prairie location allows residents of Waukesha County to try the IT-8500 in person before ordering. Our store is within easy reach of these cities:

BrookfieldDelafieldMuskegoMilwaukeeMukwonagoNew BerlinPewaukeeDousmanHartlandOconomowocWaukesha

Contact the massage chair experts at Poolside to learn more about Infinity Massage Chairs today.

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