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Tips on How to Vacuum a Swimming Pool

Say Goodbye to Dirt and Debris: Learn the Techniques for Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool

Vacuum your pool once a week to once a month, depending on how often the pool is used. Leaving your pool uncovered or being located near sand will require more vacuuming. Poolside offers you a dependable swimming pool service to take care of everything from vacuuming to balancing the chemicals in your water.

Pieces You Need to Vacuum a Pool

  • Pool Vacuum Head
  • Telescope Pole
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Skim Vac (optional)

How to Assemble and Vacuum Your Pool Manually

Attatch the Vacuum Head

Pool vacuums have a special vacuum head attached to a long pole and a special hose. The hose will have two ends, one with a swivel head and one without. It is the swivel head end that will need to be attached to the vacuum head. The other end will be used to fill the hose with water by being held against one of the pool’s water jets. You will know the hose is ready once bubbles come out of the vacuum end.

Hook up the Vacuum to the Skimmer

Remove the end of the hose from the water jet and attach it to the vacuum attachment on your skimmer or pool filter. If you have a multivalve filter, it will have to be set to waste so the vacuumed debris will not end up back in the pool.

Vacuum As You Normally Would

Begin to vacuum like you would with a regular vacuum cleaner using the pole attached to the hose and vacuum head. Be careful to keep the vacuum head as flat as possible against the bottom of your pool to avoid sucking up too much water.

Clean the Filter

Empty the strainer as needed. If your pool has not been cleaned in some time, you might have to empty the strainer more often to avoid clogs.


Whether you need pool supplies to keep your pool in perfect shape or want something fun, Poolside has what you need! A full line of replacement parts are available to keep your pool or spa running smoothly and efficiently! Last but not least, don’t jump in the pool without a pair of goggles and trusty floaties!


Reach out to our Wisconsin swimming pool technicians to learn more about vacuuming pools!

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