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Wisconsin Hot Tub Water Testing

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Where Can I Get My Spa Water Tested? 

Testing water from a hot tub or spa is essentially the same as testing pool water. Using the right amount of chemicals in the hot tub or spa water is especially important. Too many chemicals can cause damage to the jets, filters, and heating equipment.

The more often you use your spa or hot tub, the more you will want to ensure the water is clean and balanced. Anything from sunscreen to body lotion or hair spray can leave a residue in your spa water which will affect the chemical content. Contact Poolside today for help with a comprehensive spa water analysis. 

 How it works

  1. In a clean container, get  a sample of your spa water and be sure not to grab any outside particles. 

  2. Drive to our showroom with the sample to have us analyze it. 

  3. We determines the pH balance and existence of foreign particles through a water analysis test. 

  4. Our expert staff can advise you on how to improve the quality of your water if needed. We have a variety of chemical products or cleaning equipment to choose from on-site.

Our professionals can help you get the most out of your spa with regular water testing. 

IMPORTANT: NEVER mix spa cleaning chemicals without the advice of a specialist first. You may damage your hot tub or cause injury. Keep all chemicals secure from pets and children.


Hot Tub Water Testing Methods

Bullfrog Spa services: water testing at Poolside

There are several different ways to test your spa water. Test strips are the most common used method, but the best method is to use a drop titration test kit for better results. These methods are easy to do yourself, but Poolside is always happy to help if you have questions or would prefer to have your water checked by an expert. It's important to test your water regularly to keep up with sanitation and maintain your water balance.

A normal amount to test your hot tub water is 2-3 times a week. If you utlize your spa more frequently, you may want to increase your water testing schedule. Since hot tubs don't contain as much water as pools, being accurate with your testing is that much more important. You want to make sure that you don't overdose your hot tub full of chemicals. Contact Poolside for staff members who are dedicated to making sure your pool water readings are accurate. 

Spa Test Strips

Test strips are the most inexpensive option when it comes to testing your spa water. They are also very easy to use, and there are plenty of options available depending on what your spa needs. These test strips are specifically made to work with warm water, especially for use with hot tubs. Test strips can test one chemical at a time or multiple chemicals at once. The only downside is that there is such a wide range of results that it can be hard to match the color of your test strip to the provided guide. Your test might be less accurate and unreliable this way, compared to other water tests. 

Digital Test Strip Reader

An even better option to test strips is to use a digital test strip reader, so you don't have to worry about analyzing the results incorrectly. Digital readers improve the accuracy of test strip reading because they are able to check millions of color options when it comes to the chemicals in your spa. This is also an inexpensive option that doesn't cost much more than regular testing strips. Digital readers can read chlorine, bromine, pH, and alkalinity levels in seconds. If you don't want to rely on yourself or a machine, you can always bring your water to Poolside for an analysis from our professionals. 

Liquid Drop Titration Kit

The best way to test your hot tub water is to use a drop kit. You take a sample of water from your spa and add a reagent into it. Then you'll add a solution to the sample via drops. You count the number of drops used until you see a solid color change in your water. However many drops you use, you multiply that number by 10, and it becomes your calcium and alkalinity readings. 

Titration tests do take a bit longer than other tests, but you can do a full test for bromine, pH, alkalinity, and hardness within 5 minutes. Adjustment charts will also tell you how much of a chemical you need to add to your hot tub water. This is the most accurate out of the water testing methods, and it's just as easy to do as the other ones. If you don't feel comfortable trying any of these methods yourself, bring a sample of your water to our showroom, and we can test your spa water for free.

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