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In ground swimming pools are the ultimate accessory for your home. Whether you want an outdoor swimming pool for spring and summer entertainment or an indoor swimming pool for year round aquatic fun, Poolside is your best choice for quality inground pool installations. Our friendly, expert staff brings years of experience and a passion for customer service to every installation.

To begin the inground process, a Poolside representative will visit your home to discuss the possible options for your pool. We will survey your property and help you design the perfect pool for your backyard. From there, we will sit down with you and discuss all the different design options and features available. An almost unlimited range of custom designs are possible. Once we have an idea of what you are looking for, we will draw up a plan and a contract and get your dreams of an inground pool put into motion.

Before construction can commence, certain permits and authorizations need to be obtained. These regulations differ depending on where you live. We will help guide you through this process by outlining the permits you need and informing you on how to acquire them. Once the permits are received, work can begin on your new pool.

Construction is the most enjoyable part of pool installation process. You can watch your new pool begin to take shape and grow closer to completion each day. Typical installations take about three weeks as we refuse to provide anything but the highest level of craftsmanship and quality to our customers. All steps of the process, from excavation to pouring the concrete to adding finish design elements, are completed by experienced pool construction technicians. After the liner is set and the water is delivered, we will test your pool water and advise you on the pool chemicals to add to make your pool safe and ready for swimming. Our knowledgeable pool technicians will educate you on proper pool maintenance practices and inform you of all the professional Wisconsin swimming pool services we provide.

Professional In-Ground Swimming Pool Opening/Closing Services

Let Us Save You The Time And Hassle!

Our pool professionals can open your pool for you. Rest easy knowing your above-ground pool and equipment are handled correctly and will be ready for you to enjoy your pool for the season.

2017 In-Ground Pool Openings:

  • Package 1 – Complete In-ground Pool Opening  $399.00 Includes: Cover is brushed, removed and folded.  Winter plugs are removed and necessary fittings are installed.  Equipment is primed and left running.  Handrails and ladders are installed.  Heater (if any) is test fired and shut back off.  Chemicals are added.
  • Package 2 – Early Bird Discount $349.00 Includes: Same as PACKAGE 1, but must occur in either Week 1 OR Week 2 above.  (Chemicals are FREE)

Download 2017 Above-Ground Swimming Pool Opening/Closing Form In-Ground Swimming Pool Opening/Closing Services

Questions to Ask When Buying an In Ground Swimming Pool

Before buying an in ground swimming pool, Poolside has some advice for homeowners to make the process easier. Ask yourself the following questions to figure out the best pool for your home.

  • How big do you want your swimming pool?

If you want an Olympic-sized swimming pool, you’ll need an Olympic-sized yard. Unfortunately, space can limit your options when shopping for an in ground pool. Adding a patio area further limits the space. The team at Poolside will help you determine the appropriate size pool and patio for your yard.

  • Where do you want your swimming pool?

Inground Pool Design and Installation WaukeshaIf you have a large property, there might be many different spots appropriate for adding a pool. However, while having a private pool at the very back of your property might be tempting, remember all drainage systems, cables, and pipes will have to travel farther too. You might even need to construct a shed to house your equipment. Keeping your pool closer to your house means you won’t have to go so far when performing maintenance or closing the pool for the night or season.

If you’re not sure where your pool should go, let Poolside’s experts take a look. We will determine the ideal spot by taking into account the various features of your yard and home. If you add a pool deck or patio, we take natural landscaping features into account to preserve the appearance of your property as best as possible.

  • Do you want your pool to have a shallow and deep end?

Pools with a shallow and deep end will require careful landscaping to achieve the necessary slope. Many of our customers opt for a pool with an even bottom. A deep end is only recommended if your pool will be used by experienced swimmers or for use with a slide or diving board.

  • What shape do you want your pool?

There are differences between curved pools and rectangular ones in terms of space. A rectangle may be better for swimming laps while a rounded pool is fine for pool parties. Both shapes can be made in a variety of sizes to fit best into your yard.

  • How often do you plan on using your pool?

The amount of time you plan to spend in your pool will affect how much maintenance and treatment is needed. Do you want a pool to stay in shape? Or do you plan to just have fun? An in ground pool can meet both these needs, though certain sizes and shapes will be better for different functions.

  • Who will use your pool?

Depending on who your pool is for, there are many fun extras to make your pool more enjoyable. Adults and kids will love to use a waterslide or water basketball hoop. Younger kids and older relatives will feel comforted by steps leading out of the shallow end. Or impress your friends with a fountain system for nightly entertainment.

  • What is your pool budget?

Make sure you know what you can afford before starting your pool project. While many families save up for the initial installation, they do not remember to budget for annual maintenance and closing costs. Pumps and heaters will raise the price. Poolside will help you determine the cost of pool upkeep to help you plan and prepare a comprehensive budget.

If you plan on using the pool every day or hosting plenty of pool parties, your pool will practically pay for itself.  However, there are many other factors to consider. An above ground pool is a cost effective alternative to an in ground pool.

  • Who will perform maintenance?

Once your pool is installed and full of water, maintenance work begins. The water has to be chemically balanced and clean before anyone should go swimming. Fallen leaves, twigs, and algae can pollute the water without a cover. And winter can wreak havoc with pool which hasn’t been properly closed for the season. Pumps and heaters are additional costs.

Poolside’s experts provide everything from free water testing at our North Prairie showroom to liner replacement and pump repair. Feel free to enjoy your pool while we handle weekly cleanings and other maintenance issues for you. We’ll even close your pool for the winter season so everything is ready for spring and summer.

Contact the Wisconsin swimming pool experts at Poolside for more information on building the inground pool you have been dreaming about.
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