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Whether you’re looking to prepare your hot tub for the winter in the fall, or ready to open it up for the summer, you need to ensure your hot tub is in the very best working order. If left unattended, your hot tub’s water could become contaminated and potentially cause long-term damage.

But you aren’t alone! Poolside doesn’t simply sell you a hot tub and wish you well. We provide hot tub installation, repair and maintenance services to ensure your investment is protected. On top of providing free water testing services, our knowledgeable technicians can help you repair or replace mechanical parts such as pumps or filters. When you work with Poolside, you get the best, and we make the best last.

Design your Bullfrog Spa

Free Water Testing

The staff at Poolside offers free in-store water testing to make sure your hot tub water is balanced properly and free of harmful bacteria. You should make a habit of getting your water tested—consider it as if you’re changing the oil in your car or making a routine appointment with the dentist.

Poor water quality can have nasty effects on the materials in your hot tub, either staining it permanently or causing structural damage. You need to ensure your water is balanced properly so there’s no long-lasting damage done.

Bring a sample of your hot tub water into our showroom in North Prairie and we’ll check it out.

Hot Tub Removal, Installation & Move

Once you’ve decided on a hot tub to purchase, we will ship and quickly install your indoor or outdoor spa to your exact specifications. We can install your hot tub near the pool, on the porch beneath an awning or pergola, or in a secluded shaded area in your yard underneath a canopy of trees.

Check out our hot tub gallery for some more ideas. Be creative! Make your hot tub the envy of your neighborhood.

Hot Tub Repairs

When your hot tub needs maintenance, the professionals at Poolside can provide the following repair services, among others:

  • Heater Replacement
  • Circut Board Replacement
  • Finding and Fixing Leaks
  • Pump Replacement and seal repairs - In store and on site. If a customer’s pump has a leaky seal, we provide a service to replace the seals. Customers can also purchase seals from Poolside and do this themselves.
  • Cartridge Filter Cleaning - Poolside will take your cartridge clean it with our high-powered hoses and soak it in a filter cleaning solution to remove oil, mineral and organic material.

When you need experienced hot tub specialists to repair your unit quickly, no company in the Waukesha area is better than Poolside.  Our technicians understand how circuit boards operate in different brands of hot tubs and we recommend a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. A blown fuse may seem like an easy at-home fix, but water and electricity are not a good combination for the inexperienced.

Replacement Spa Cover Measurement and Installation

Waukesha replacement hot tub covers for Bullfrog Spas and all brands Wisconsin weather is not predictable by any means and at Poolside we want to protect your family oasis.  We can accomplish this together by providing Replacement Spa Covers and complete installation.

Hot Tub covers are the best way to keep your spa in great condition. We offer covers for any brand to fit your budget. In store, we have an extensive measuring sheet to match any size.  Once we find a perfect match, just let us handle the rest.

Keeping your investment in great shape is one of our biggest responsibilities and a cover prevents costly repairs.  Random waste or unavoidable debris can build up causing mechanical problems or in worst case create clogging.

Other than the obvious reason of preventing repairs, we urge our customers to consider all the benefits of a cover, including:

  • Reduce heating costs by containing the warmth within the tub. A cover will always keep the spa at a comfortable temperature and not allow heat to escape, costing less energy.
  • Safety for children, young guests or pets is always a concern and a cover eliminates this worry.

Hot Tub Maintenance Plans Keeping Your Wisconsin Hot Tub Clean and Healthy

Waukesha Hot Tub Maintenance Poolside spa technicians provide weekly and monthly hot tub maintenance services to fix problems and help prevent further issues. It is no secret an outdoor hot tub in Wisconsin sees more than just sunny 80 degree days. Poolside wants to keep your outside getaway running at its best to give your family a relaxing place in your home for years to come.

Our complete care of your hot tub includes constant testing of the water and adding the exact amount of chemicals to ensure safe pH levels, our maintenance can fit any schedule with:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Or a specific appointment if needed

Poolside’s customer satisfaction does not end after the sale or installation. We offer all our Wisconsin hot tubs with as much maintenance and care as you need.

Waukesha Hot Tub Maintenance

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Not every bit of hot tub maintenance requires a professional hand. You can maintain your hot tub’s brand new condition by devoting an hour here and there to cleaning it out and keeping it clear of dirt and grime. Take the following steps to keep your hot tub from building up too much undesirable bacterial attention.

Scrub Your Hot Tub Cover with Bleached Water

Your hot tub cover can develop a musty smell if left alone to the elements for too long. Its real job is to protect the interior of your hot tub from outside debris, but the smell can become a real pain. Mix some bleach in a bucket of water (think a 90/10 water/bleach ratio) and scrub it down to keep it shiny and keep away the mildew smell.

Enzyme Products Keep Your Water Clean

Spa enzyme products used on a regular basis will keep ugly fatty lipids from developing in your hot tub. Better yet—enzyme products will help keep the filter clean and prevent the thin layer of grime that occasionally develops on the surface of the water.

Spa Filters can be Cleaned in the Dishwasher

An easy way to clean out your hot tub filter is to stick it in the dishwasher. Put it on a standard cycle and let it go. It will get out the vast majority of buildup in your filter.

Note: Make sure you turn off the heated drying cycle to eliminate the possibility of damage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Drain and Re-fill Your Hot Tub

Monitoring your hot tub water is a necessity. But if you constantly tinker with the pH and chlorine balance and pour money into buying chemicals to save your current fill, you’re probably wasting time and money. Just drain and re-fill your hot tub and add start-up levels of chemicals. Start over. It’s more cost efficient, and it saves you time.

Rule-of-Thumb Benchmarks for Hot Tub Maintenance

You know you need to occasionally check water pH and chlorine levels or clean the filter every now and then, but what does that mean? How often do you need to do these things? Here are a few general rules:

  • Test the chemical and mineral levels 1-2 times a week
  • Clean the filter every two weeks
  • Use a granular filter cleaner every 3-4 months
  • Clean your hot tub cover once a month
  • Change the water every 3-6 months (depending on use)

Milwaukee Spa Dealers Help Keep Your Hot Tub Looking Brand New

The reputable staff at Poolside in North Prairie, WI has years of experiencing servicing hot tubs and pools in the greater Waukesha area. When you need your hot tub installed, repaired or maintained, we are only a phone call away.

Contact the pool and spa specialists at Poolside today for more information on our maintenance services.
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