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Poolside is the go-to destination for all your Wisconsin swimming pool accessories, supplies, and products! Our showroom is always stocked with a wide range of products for both your swimming pool and hot tub needs. We carry the industry's most trusted brands of products ranging from pumps and motors to vacuum replacement brushes and patch kits.

All of the chemicals necessary to maintain proper water chemistry in your pool or spa are always readily available at Poolside. Retaining proper water chemistry is vital in maximizing the potential of your pool or spa. To make this possible, we offer extensive swimming pool maintenance services to our customers including: Free in-store water chemistry analysis, weekly pool or spa maintenance, scheduled service house calls, and in-store pump/motor repairs.

Poolside also has replacement parts and cartridges for Intex and other soft side swimming pools.

Covers for your Milwaukee swimming pool and hot tub

Keeping your pool or spa debris-free is a goal much more attainable with a quality cover from Poolside. We keep both above ground (8 mm thick) and in ground (12 mm thick) blue pool solar covers in stock during peak pool season. These solar covers act as a great retaining tool when trying to capture the sun’s natural heat.

Poolside sells not only solar covers for the summer months but also winter covers for the cold season. For above ground pools we sell tarp-style covers as well as mesh covers and leaf nets. For in ground swimming pools, Poolside measures for and installs custom swimming pool covers.

Poolside keeps our trusted Bullfrog brand spa covers in stock year round. Don’t have a Bullfrog? No worries! We also custom order covers for almost all other brands. Ordering a cover is as easy as taking a few measurements, sending in your order, and waiting the approximate three weeks it takes for your cover to be made and shipped to us.

Infinity Massage Chairs Add a Therapeutic Experience to Your Milwaukee Spa

The Infinity Massage Chair is one of the most advanced options available for your Milwaukee spa. Customizable and targeted massage uses lumbar heat, body scan sensors, foot rollers, spinal compression and decompression. Choose between massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu or synchronic (in time to your music). With a luxurious and sophisticated design, along with rolling massage and airbag pressure massage options, the Infinity Massage Chair has the ability to deliver a precise and accurate massage to soothe stress and promote overall well-being. Check out our selection at Poolside near Milwaukee.

Primo Ceramic Grills for Backyard Barbecues All Summer in Pewaukee

Make the most of the warm Wisconsin summer by making your pool parties the best on the block with Primo Ceramic Grills. Our oval-shaped grills cook more efficiently and hold more food than traditional, circular grills. Backed by a 20-year guarantee, Primo Ceramic Grills provide years of delicious cookouts. Check out our selection of Primo Ceramic Grills at Poolside near Pewaukee, from the Oval Jr 200, able to grill 8 to 15 steaks simultaneously, to the Jack Daniels Oval XL 400, capable of cooking 15 to 25 steaks at once!

Filters to Keep Your Lake Country Swimming Pool and Spa Clean and Pleasant

While proper water chemistry is the first stepping stone in keeping your pool crystal clear, having the proper filter on your pool is the next step. Poolside sells and equips all new pools with a sand filter system (size varies on the size of the pool). While sand is our filter media of choice, we also carry a wide variety of cartridge filter replacements, DE filter media, and Zeobrite filter media.

How to Service a Swimming Pool Filters

Multiport ValveMultiport valves for pool filters usually have 6 settings: Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Waste, Recirculate, and Closed/Winter. The setting you use determines how to water goes through the pump, either being added back into the pool or out through the waste line. When your pool filter is first installed, Poolside technicians will gladly help you understand the differences in each setting so you always know which one to use.

The main Filter setting is what runs water through the pump to be cleaned and will be the most used setting for many pool owners. The Closed/Winter setting is used when servicing the unit. It is essential to ensure your multiport filter is completely shut off before attempting to do any repairs or service on your own. The experts of Poolside will gladly help you safely work on your pool filter for clean water. 

Waukesha Swimming Pool Heaters from Trusted Swimming Pool Company

Wisconsin pool owners are all too familiar with sudden weather changes that often come with living in the area. Don’t let these sudden temperature drops keep you out of your pool! Adding a gas or propane heater to your pool adds a new dimension to your swimming experience. No matter if it’s a scorching 105 degrees or a cool 72; keep your pool at a comfortable temperature, regardless of Mother Nature.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Service

Always hire a professional when your heat pump needs service, repairs, or replacement. One of the biggest mistakes made with heat pumps is leaving them exposed to water or debris. You should keep your heat pump where there is steady air flow and nothing which could block the system such as leaves. Otherwise, clogs might occur which could cause your heat pump to break.

Swimming Pool Heater Service

When your pool heater just doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore, it can be difficult to troubleshoot the source of the problem. Maybe the heater isn’t working at all or maybe it’s just being slow. The Poolside team is experienced with different heater types and will help with repairs or replacement parts. If you believe there is a problem with your pool heater or heat pump, contact Poolside today for expert assistance you won’t find anywhere else.

Lake Country Swimming Pool Supplies for Healthy, Enjoyable Pools and Spas

Poolside’s selection is not limited to the items above. We have an extensive supply of pool and spa products available including: hoses, ladders, pool toys, spa pillows and fragrances to enhance your pool/spa time fun.

How to Vacuum a Swimming Pool

How to Vacuum a Swimming PoolVacuum your pool once a week to once a month, depending on how often the pool is used. Leaving your pool uncovered or being located near sand will require more vacuuming. Poolside offers you a dependable swimming pool service to take care of everything from vacuuming to balancing the chemicals in your water.

  • Pool vacuums are a special vacuum head attached to a long pole and a special hose. The hose will have two ends, one with a swivel head and one without. It is the swivel head end which will need to be attached to the vacuum head. The other end will be used to fill the hose with water by being held against one of the pool’s water jets. You will know the hose is ready once bubbles come out of the vacuum end.
  • Remove the end of the hose from the water jet and attach it to the vacuum attachment on your skimmer or pool filter. If you have a multivalve filter, it will have to be set to waste so the vacuumed debris will not end up back in the pool.
  • Begin to vacuum like you would with a regular vacuum cleaner using the pole attached to the hose and vacuum head. Be careful to keep the vacuum head as flat as possible against the bottom of your pool to avoid sucking up too much water.
  • Empty the strainer as needed. If your pool has not been cleaned in some time, you might have to empty the strainer more often to avoid clogs.

Whether you need pool supplies to keep your pool in perfect shape or want something fun, Poolside has what you need! A full line of replacement parts are available to keep your pool or spa running smoothly and efficiently! Last but not least, don’t jump in the pool without a pair of goggles and trusty floaties!

Contact the Wisconsin swimming pool specialists for all your pool supply and accessory needs.

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