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Old Store & New Construction

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Our North Prairie Location Offers Convenience for All Your Pool Service Needs

Poolside Pools & Spas began serving the southeast Wisconsin community since 1981, when Robert (Bob) Sivak opened the company from his own garage. He sold pool supplies to his neighbors and friends, and over time grew his business to the point where he could expand into a bigger location. Bob finally decided to move his company to its current showroom in North Prairie in 2004, and because of that Bob was able to extend his product line and pool and spa services to residents throughout residences and commercial properties in Wisconsin. 

Today, Poolside Pools & Spas is southeast Wisconsin’s leading name in pool services, accessories, and installation services. They help residents like you build and maintain swimming pools for your Wisconsin properties, and they continue to strive for excellent customer service and competitive prices.

If you’re looking to install a new swimming pool on your Wisconsin property, get in touch with the professionals at Poolside Pools & Spas to get a free quote.

Contact the pool building experts at Poolside today to get more information about a new swimming pool on your property.


Bob and Chris with the New Construction of Poolside
Getting Permits for The New Poolside
Milwaukee Pool Supplies
Mukwonago Pool Supply Sign
Poolside New Store Construction
Construction of The New Poolside Store
Mukwonago Pool Supply First Customers
Mukwonago Pool Supply Garage Storefront
Mukwonago Old Store Showroom
Bob from Mukwonago Poolside Supply Company
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